Sony BKPF-L751 Audio A/D Converter Board. Installs as option into PFV-L10 frame.
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Audio A/D Converter Board. Installs as option into PFV-L10 frame. The BKPFL751 is a dual channel audio analog to digital converter board that accepts up to two analog audio stereo inputs and converts them into two AES/EBU format outputs. The signals carried by the two AES/EBU outputs can be interchanged. Conversion is at a resolution of 24 bits and at a sampling frequency of 48 kHz. Either a video reference (NTSC, PAL or HD) or a 48 kHz audio word clock can be used as a reference signal. A word clock output is available by setting an internal switch on the board so that other cascade-connected BKPFL751 boards can be operated synchronously.


  • Audio A/D Converter Board


Converts two stereo analog audio signals to two AES/EBU digital audio signals
24 bits conversion at 48 kHz sampling frequency
Two AES/EBU outputs can be swapped
Sync input accepts an NTSC/PAL/HD video or 48 kHz word clock signal (selectable with the on-board switch)
Word clock output available (selectable with the on-board switch)
Output level adjustment range:±4 dB
-5 V warning lamp


General SpecificationsDetail:
Analog audio inputAUDIO IN connectors (Phoenix type 6-pin)(2; 4 channels - 2 stereo pairs)
Input level+ 4 dBm (600 ohms/20 kohms selectable, balanced)
Reference inputREF VIDEO/WORD CLOCK IN connector(BNC type) (1)
Video input0.3 Vp-p (525/29.9 Hz, 625/25 Hz, 1125/60 Hz)
Word Sync0.5 to 5.0 Vp-p (48 kHz)
Input Return Loss40 dB or more (at 5 MHz, 75 ohms terminated)
AES/EBU audio outputAES/EBU OUT connectors (BNC type) (2; 1 for eachstereo pair)1.0 Vp-p ± 10 %, 75 ohms
Output return loss25 dB or more (at 0.1 MHz to 6.0 MHz)
Rise time/Fall time30 to 44 ns
Alignment JitterLes than ± 20 nsp-p
DC offsetLess than 0 ± 50 mV
Reference outputPassive loop-through output connector (selectable toword clock output connector) (BNC type) (1)
Word sync output1.0 Vp-p or 2.8 Vp-p, 48 kHz
Video Characteristics
Sampling Frequency48 KHz
Resolution24 bits
Head room20 dB (at +4 dBm)
Channel codingAES/EBU format
Frequency responseWithin +0.1/-0.2 dB (20 Hz to 20 kHz)
DistortionLess than 0.02%
Signal to noise ratio103 dB or more
Crosstalkless than 90 dB (at under 15 KHz)
CMRR (Common Mode Rejection Ratio)More than 80 dB (at 60 Hz)
Phase difference between channelsLess than 4° (at 1kHz)
Encoding DelayApprox. 0.9 ms
Power Requirements+ 5 V DC: 1.0 A
DimensionsBoard: 77 x 267 mm (w x h)(3 1/8 x 10 5/8 inches)Connector panel: 33 x 85 mm (w x h)(1 5/16 x 3 3/8 inches)
MassBoard: 140 g (5 oz)Connector panel: 100 g (4 oz)

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