Sony HKC-T1500 HD CCD Block Extension Kit
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Sony HKC-T1500 HD CCD Block Extension Kit

Sony's HKC-T1500 Extension Block Adapter functions as a "split" adapter for HDC-1400/1500 series HD camcorders, separating the image sensor assembly from the camera's body and extending it up to 50 meters away (via optional multicore cable). This provides added flexibility to Sony's multi-format HD cameras, whose tethered CCD block and lens can now snake their way into hard-to-reach areas and provide uniquely framed POV shots--whether handheld, car-mounted, or on the end of a jib.

While compact and easily swapped on or off, the HKC-T1500 maintains the full range of shooting formats, not sacrificing image quality for convenience. All the base camera's HD progressive and interlace modes, from 24p to 1080i, can be used, delivering the highest resolution in an unusually small--and versatile--form factor.


Compact Imaging AssemblyWhen the CCD block is fitted to the split adapter, it provides a very compact unit, ideal for shooting in tight spaces--such as in a car, or for use on a motorcycle. It may be handheld, or fitted to any traditional camera mounts.
Light WeightThe imaging assembly is also ideal where weight is critical, such as for prolonged handheld shooting.
Maximum PerformanceThe HDC-1500 retains full performance when used in the split adapter, giving much higher resolution than can be obtained from other dedicated compact cameras.
Quick Conversion Between ModesThe HDC-1500 optical assembly can be quickly converted between normal and "split" operation, avoiding the need for a specialist compact camera.
Full Range of Shooting FormatsThere is no limitation to operating format once the camera is fitted to the HKC-T1500--all HD format standards are available:
Interlace 1080i modes - 1080/59.94i, 50i
Progressive 1080P modes - 1080/23.98p, 29.97p, 24p, 25p, 50p*, 60p*
Progressive 720P mode - 720/59.94p, 50p

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