Sony HDCU-900 Full Size Camera Control Unit for HDC-900/910/930/950
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The Sony HDCU-900 High Definition Camera Control Unit for the HDC-900 / 910 and HDC-950 / 930 series system cameras. Option boards are available for 525 composite analog, HD analog, 720 progressive output as well as 3:2 pulldown output from 24P imaging (HDC-900/950 only). The HDCU-900 is capable of being the control unit for the HDC-700 series in a 60i environment.


4 HD SDI Return Inputs
4 SD SDI Outputs 480/576 lines
1 WF and 1 PIX analog RGB 480/576 line monitor outputs
1.5 Gb/s SMPTE-304M based optical fiber digital transmission interface


General SpecificationsDetail:
Power supplyAC 100/110-120/220/240 V, 50 HZ/60 HZ
Current Consumption5 A (at 100 V AC, entire system active)
Operating temperature+5 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius (+41 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit)
Storage temperature-20 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celsius (-4 degrees Fahrenheit to +140 degrees Fahrenheit)
Dimensions ( Approx. W x H x D)424 x 133 x 460 mm (16 3/4 x 5 3/4x 18 1/8 inches)
Mass ( Approx.)20 kg (44 lb. 1 0z)
HD SDI outputBNC type (x3), SMPTE-292M, 1080/50i, 60i, 30P, 25P, 24P
HD monitor outputBNC type (x1), SMPTE-292M, 1080/50i, 60i, 30P, 25P, 24P
HD SDI return inputBNC type (x4), SMPTE-292M, 1080/50i, 60i, 30P, 25P, 24P
SD SDI outputBNC type (x4), SMPTE-259 M, Serial digital composite, 480/576-lines
SD monitor outputBNC type, WF (x1), Pix (x1), Analog R/G/B, 480/576-lines
Reference inputBNC type (x1, with loop-through ),HD tri-level sync or SD Black Burst
SyncBNC type (x1), HD tri-level sync or SD Black Burst
Intercom PD & ENGD-sub 25-pin (x1), 4W/RTS/CC selectable
R-Tally/G-Tally - PGM 1/ PGM224 V power in/make contact
MIC1/MIC2 output - PGM 1/ PGM2XLR-3-31 type (Female x2), 0/-20 dBu selectable
Digital Audio output - PGM 1/ PGM2BNC type 9x1), AES/EBU format, 20-bit/48 kHZ
Prompter in - PGM 1/ PGM2BNC type (x1, with loop-through ), Analog, NTSC/PAL/HD-Y
RCP/MSU/CNU interface - PGM 1/ PGM28-pin (x1), Sony Camera Command Network Protocol (for entire camera system control)
WF mode - PGM 1/ PGM24-pin, Stair step (for SD composite Waveform monitor)
WF control - PGM 1/ PGM2D-sub 15-pin (x1), GPI (for SDI component WF control)
System Expansion - PGM 1/ PGM2D-sub 15-pin (x1), GPI (for system control with external GPI interface)
Trunk line - PGM 1/ PGM2D-sub 9-pin, RS-232C, (remote line for CHU equipment)
Optical fiber cable interface - PGM 1/ PGM2SMPTE-304M based optical fie connector (x1), 1.5 Gb/s optical fiber digital transmission, SMPTE-292M, AC 240 V

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